Reflexology and Massage

Baby Reflexology & Massage Classes

These group classes are usually 4 weeks in length. They can be held in studio or online. If you are a group of friends who wish to do it together, classes can be arranged in your home or venue of your choosing.

One to One Sessions

These can be done in studio or in the comfort of your own home.  Parents will be present in the treatment room up to the age of 16. At that age, parents will need to remain on-site and they are welcome in the treatment room should the teen and parent wish.

Recommended treatment times vary, usually based on age.

Infants (new-born to 12 months): 5-20 minutes per session

Toddlers (12-18 months): 20-25 minutes per session

5-12 years: 25-30 minutes per session

13-18 years: up to 45 minutes per session

Corporate and Events

Massage/Reflexology/Indian Head Massage.
Chair-based massage, is a massage given over the top of clothes with the recipient sitting face forward in a specially adapted chair, provided by me. The massage usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Full Massage can also be offered on a massage bed.
Reflexology: Can be booked for 20-30 minute sessions. Only the shoes and socks are removed, and the recipient sits in a reclined chair.
Indian Head Massage: Another fully clothed treatment that is performed in a chair. 15-20 minute sessions. Can also be added to a chair massage or reflexology treatment.